SPYM’s Initiatives During Covid- 19

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole world under quarantine and forced country-wide lockdowns across the world. While the strict imposition of the lockdown in India was a necessary measure to contain the spread, millions of daily wage and migrant labourers have lost their livelihoods, resulting in severe financial and social stress for them.

As the nation came together to tackle the health crisis, SPYM Delhi worked to provide an emergency response through the distribution of food, arrangement of necessary preventive supplies, training to build unique COVID-19 response teams and sensitization of community on social distancing, proper sanitation and hygiene practices, usage of masks, cough etiquettes etc.

Training of covid warriors

SPYM mobilized and trained Critical Care Volunteers who could become the frontline COVID-19 warriors to face the impending crisis at the community level before the arrival of health professionals. SPYM conducted 2-hour sessions in all the 65 shelters. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Executive Director, SPYM, and Dr Amod Kumar, MD led the sessions.

Food Distribution

Food distribution-10,000+ people clocked into SPYM’s shelters for meals twice a day. With the help of around a hundred and fifty staff members risking their lives to work day in and day out. 10 makeshift kitchens and 5 vehicles to transport tonnes of food to 65 locations across Delhi were operational during the lock down.

Protocols & Sanitization

SPYM provided the necessary supplies for taking preventive care during the lockdown. A total of 4,25,000 masks were distributed, 600 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits were distributed to the staff. All our centers sanitized regularly.


With the help of Govt. of NCT of Delhi, SPYM has been running a vaccination drive at 60 of its shelters. Over two months, about 5000 people at the shelters have been vaccinated.