Winter Rescue Program

Extreme weather during winters further adds to the vulnerabilities & trauma for those spending nights on the streets without any shelter, care and protection. Homeless may often be seen sleeping on pavements, bus stops, under flyovers, parks. In absence of aid, they often shiver to death.

SPYM conducts rescue operations throughout the year; intensifying operations during the winter season to ensure that none of the urban homeless dies struggling with cold weather in the vicinity of night shelters.

As part of rescue drive, SPYM has three rescue vehicles operational to attend to SOS calls and assist in rescue process.


  • Motivating and shifting homeless from streets/ pavements to the nearest night shelter.
  • Providing first aid and other need based medical intervention (hospital admissions, Drug treatment)
  • Ensuring provision of adequate clean blankets, durries and jute mattresses for all night shelter dwellers and providing immediate relief to homeless spending night on streets.
  • Coordinating rescue service in coordination with the related help lines of the city such as Police Control Room, Child Help Line etc.